Eat Your Way Through the Best Food Cities in the World

Only a true foodie will understand the importance and the pleasure of a perfect meal. On this blog post, I am gonna show you the foodie meccas all across the world, for satisfying all your cravings.

The Best Foodie Destinations Across the Globe

Do you love street food? You will find many of such food vendors on their push-carts selling some really good food. No doubt, the cities do have high-level restaurants however, some of the best meals are only found on the streets. How many of you agree with me on that? Comment down a yes below!

Bangkok, Thailand

Grilled satay

Here, the street vendors work on a fixed timing. For example, some might be offering breakfast meals only, whereas the other vendor remains closed during the day time. If you go for a late-night meal, you will everything ranging from fried mussel pancake to grilled satay.

Rome, Italy

Authentic Pizza in Rome

Rome offers you the best authentic pizza and pasta, that you might have never tried before. Uhuh yes, all these foods belong to the origin place Italy, so the foods ought to be the best. They utilize old-recipe traditions and make use of fresh ingredients to give you a hearty meal.

Durban, South Africa

French Bunny Chow

Here the food cuisine and culture is inspired by Zulu, Indians and South African region. You can enjoy the Durban Bunny Chows, Johny’s Rotis which is open 24*7 providing comforting rotis, and the Afro’s Chicken.

Paris, France

Steak Frites

Cooking food is like an art form in France. While you keep wandering through the streets of Paris, you will find street shops selling delicious crepes, hot chocolates, freshly baked croissants, and hey, don’t forget the world famous steak frites.

Tokyo, Japan


There’s nothing wrong in calling Tokyo as the main center of gourmet cuisines. The special dishes of Tokyo include Sushi, grilled chicken skewers, ramen noodles, tempura etc.

New York City, US

Deep-dish Pie

Well, well. New York has got different 94 national cuisines for you to choose from. The place is known for the best pizza, bagel, and other comforting foods like mac and cheese, deep-dish pies.

Madrid, Spain

Churros Con Chocolate

The best place to enjoy long lunches with good wine and soulful delicacies. However, the star dish of Madrid is Churros Con Chocolate. Churros are served with a thick dip of chocolate. You can have it for breakfast, and even for late-night snacks.

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