Food Psychology Says “Avoid these 9 stuffs to say your child about food”

When it comes to Eating Food, it’s important to know what’s going in a child’s mind. You need to deal with the Psychology of the child, and also keep a watch on how you guide them through.

Now, all the parents want their child to be healthy and happy. But sometimes, even if we say things with a good intention, they mostly turn into a negative one inside your child’s mind. I will list out the 9 commonly used sentences by the parents, that has to be stopped asap!

Food Psychology Says “Avoid these 9 Stuffs to say your child About Food”

As a parent, try to keep different meals all day so that they never get bored with any food.

Food Psychology About Child

Now, understand one thing. No amount of bribing, loving, pampering, scolding or teasing will get them to finish the meal on the plate. You have to deal with them tactically, and as mentioned psychologically. we have to study food psychology for child; which food do they like, at what time they need special food, etc.

Following are the sentences that you should avoid saying to the young champ at home.

#1 “Learn from your sister/brother, they always complete the food which is served to them.”

Never compare your child with someone else. Each one of them has their own pace of eating food.

#2 “You will get the dessert only once you finish your meal”

This is one kind of bribing which should be totally avoided.

#3 “Finish the homework, and I will get your favorite ice-cream from the shop”

Again, that’s another example of bribing. Instead, you can simply say ‘You got to do your homework child, there is no escape from that.”

#4 “I want you to finish everything that is served on your plate”

Let your child decide how much food is enough for them.

#5 “Have a bite, it will make you stronger”

This is one of the biggest lies that parents use. Instead of this, you can say that ‘I think you will like it, have one bite and decide for yourself.’

#6 “You are such a fussy-eater!”

When you make this statement to your child, they will interpret it as ‘I am going to be a fussy-eater my whole life!’. Instead, you can change this sentence to ‘Even I don’t like certain dishes, and that is a normal thing. Still, you could give it a try, maybe you like it this time.’

#7 “Are you feeling bad? Have some ice-cream.”

Listen to the thing which is bothering them, and bring solutions for that.

#8 “No playing with the food”

We all have done this so stop making rules for your child.

#9 “Oh you don’t like this thing, shall I make something else for you?”

Better go like, ‘Not everyone gets their favorite for dinner. Someday you will get and for another day someone else.’

Foods that Increase your Metabolism – “Good Food, Good Life”

All you guys who at some point in their life went through weight loss sessions surely would have heard a thing called ‘Metabolism’!

Do this exercise, eat this/that and speed up the metabolism, for losing weight. 

But what is this metabolism?

It’s a natural process that takes place inside your body, during which your body takes out the calories from the food that you have eaten, and then combines with the oxygen for producing the energy. This energy is then used for various other body functions like blood circulation, digestion, breathing, repairing or replacing the old cells, etc.

Foods that Increase your Metabolism

Foods that Increase your Metabolism

In this way, as the metabolism rate increase more amount of calories get burned. This rate differs from one person to another, and also it is seen that men burned the calories much quicker than women. One reason for this is, men have less body fat and more muscles.

You could control the metabolism rate by consuming the right food too. They are given as follows:


This is the most important of all, eating the right proportion of the food. Know how much food is enough for the hunger, and keep a control on the food quantity that you take up on your plate.


Caffeine present in the coffee helps with boosting up the body, mind, as well as the metabolism rate than any energizing sugary-drink.


All the protein-contained foods start their metabolism process within an hour. This is way, you should keep food like eggs, meat, nuts, all the legumes and pulses, dairy products, etc checked in your daily intake.


Check on how your diet plan is going on. Go for the 3 Meals-a-day formula, skipping all the in-between snacks that you used to munch in. Try for a month, you are sure to see the difference.


Chocolates for metabolism? You will be like, are you insane? Nope, I am on my senses and yes this is true. Tests conducted by the Swiss and German researchers have found that eating 1.5 ounces of the dark chocolate have shown a decrease in the stress hormones. Chemicals in cocoa like flavonoids are the one mainly responsible for this magic.


All the pulses and other lentils are included in the Legume class. They are very high in protein, which makes the body use up more calories for the digestion. So, make sure to include peas, beans, lentils, and other pulses in your diet.


Ah, those Diet Soda which claims to be zero on calories, AVOID them. Also, drinking such artificially sweetened drinks damage your natural metabolism badly which eventually leads to weight gain and many other illnesses.

The ONLY thing you need to keep in mind is that for leading a Good Life you need to get the Good Food. Try it out, and let us know your experience by commenting them below.